Piano Solo

This project began in 2010 when I moved to Buenos Aires and began to give solo piano concerts. During two years of musical exploration in the universe of the solo piano, I had the chance to test out a variety of my compositions in concert. By the time I moved back to Rio de Janeiro, I already had a sizeable repertoire of my original compositions written or arranged for piano, and I felt I was ready to create an album. However, I needed someone with a discerning ear to help me select the best songs and discuss the interpretations. Therefore, I invited Jongui to produce my album.

Recorded in September 2012, the album boasts beautiful art by Daniel Gnattali and an insightful introduction by Stefano Bollani that states:

“To write music is to create miniature worlds.

In the landscapes painted by Francisco, we discover the music that he loves.

He seems to gather together all the composers he adores: Erik Satie, Radamés Gnattali, Cristovão Bastos, but also Fryderyk Chopin, Tom Jobim, Kurt Weill… and invite them for a stroll, chatting with each while mixing them all together, serving as host and Pygmalion.

But no time machine is needed to stroll down these Parisian boulevards and ruas of Copacabana. The journey takes place on this album, thanks to Francisco’s born musical intuition and his talent. He leads it with pleasure, elegance and passion, inviting us all along on the walk.

Have a nice trip!”