“Francisco Pellegrini (piano) is an architect in the conception of arrangements. He uses the entire piano; he does not allow any key to sleep or rest. The instrument starts to have a function and a justification of its existence. He’s a composer that determines the style and form of each piece he writes.

Lise Bastos (double bass) is a server, a girl who, for being feminine, supports each of the songs with firmness and discretion. This girl plays beautifully, with no vices on the phrases, in the glissandos or in the conducting of the tempo.

Lourenço Vasconcellos (drums and vibraphone) is a stubborn musician, a vibrating arranger and composer, a friend and a fundamental partner in this formation. He is generous and does not just present the tempo and rhythm to the others: he chooses to punctuate and accentuate, like a poet who has an intimate relationship with words.

The arrangements are custom made for the trio, well cared for, well performed and so well rehearsed that they allow “freedom” to reveal itself and rejuvenate the music, those who play it and those who listen to it.

A cheer for Três!

I am very happy about everything I have heard and learned with this album.”

Egberto Gismonti