Fantasia Rasgada

This first album from the singer and cavaquinho player Ronaldo Gonçalves, produced by Raphael Mallmith, already sound like a classic from the new generation of Brazilian Samba.

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Para Bailar

This album is the fruit of a full year of weekly rehearsal and six months of weekly concerts. Unabashedly crafted to make people dance, its every song attests to the effortless communication forged between the musicians. At the time, ‘Luz Buena’ consisted of: Andrés Drimer (Argentina) on lead vocals, guitar, and composing; Beto Ojeda (Colombia) on backing vocals and electric bass; Martín Guaglia (Argentina) on electric guitar and chorus. The band continues to perform with other members.

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Mundo Grande

Two Brazilians (Marcelo Fedrá and Marília Schanuel) and two Portuguese (Raquel Reis and Diogo Tomás) joined together to create this project. I appear on this album in three different roles. The song ‘Chico, o Peregrino’ was dedicated to me, and in gratitude I wrote an arrangement of it. ‘Dois Corações,’ is a song I composed with Marcelo Fedrá. A bouquet of new friendships blossomed from this project, and the bonus track, ‘Enquanto eu não Volto’, is a composition of Marcelo with lyrics by Diogo, performed by one of the brightest of these new flowers, me and the Portuguese singer Fernanda Paulo.

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Santa Rita

Marcelo Fedrá had the idea of recording an album of the singer Marilia Schanuel interpreting the songs of Frederico Damarca. As the arranger and producer of the album, he provided a framework and some musical lines, but left us a lot of freedom to interpret his ideas.

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I first met Luiz Morais at auditions for the Rio de Janeiro conservatory, and since then, I’ve eagerly followed his development as a composer. On his first album, exclusively of original compositions, we recorded songs and instrumentals with a variety of Brazilian rhythms and styles.

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Paisagem Invisível

This debut album from the singer Andreia Mota is a plunge into the world of the poet Manoel de Barros. Produced by Victor Ribeiro, the album has a distinctive aesthetic, with painstakingly crafted arrangements interspersed with recited texts. I was invited to play the piano on the title track, ‘Paisagem Invisível,’ music by Marcelo Fedrá and Thiago Amud.

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